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It’s Mark Z from Marketing by Mark Z; this is my other website called Solomanz dot biz. I was just de-platformed the other day for doing what I was doing on that particular platform over a year ago.

I sell traffic still for opt in pages. A lot of people do, and if you need to boost your email list, it’s a great way to get going fast.

Now here is a new opportunity. You have an email list, but they are not clicking any of your call to actions (CTA). Here is how you fix that.

Display Ads in Email – where the CTR is anywhere from 7 – 70% depending upon the ad creative in play.

Take it easy, and Peace Out!

Run Display Ads in Email

Why Email?

Your List already Expressed Interest in Your Niche

In this age of Email Overload, You need to Standout

Display Ads in Your Email to Your List Help set you Apart!

Email ads average ~20% CTR and some as high as ~70% CTR *

What about Websites and apps?

Yes, we serve ads to websites and apps too. See an example of an IAB standard 728×90 display ad below:

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Independent early testing of email ad CTR results vary by ad creative*